This and That

Raw sprouting seeds and fine slivers of raw vegetables in an interesting sauce seem to be enjoying a revival. This is last night's supper.


Purists probably wouldn't have had the salmon and sweet potato chips that we had with ours. Nor would they have followed it with these.


Very very dark and totally yummy and as the box says - rich and intensely chocolatey. We didn't eat them all and I didn't have a migraine.

In an earlier post I touched on Michael's health problems without being specific and feel I should say that he was treated for prostate cancer by having a radical prostatectomy last January and although not in the clear isn't having any further treatment until the situation is reviewed in September.

We are trying to have as normal a Summer as possible although it has not got off to a great start with my needing to have an urgent hernia repair delaying the start of our holiday by at least a week. New to me is the super glue used instead of stitches!

So instead of relaxing in France I am taking it easy with crafting while recovering from surgery last Friday.

I love making these squares! In fact I can't stop.


I won't bore you with anymore - I'll probably manage a few instagram pics.

I'm not sure if I said how much I had enjoyed Deborah Harkness's book "A Discovery of Witches", I'm not usually a vampire or witches kind of person but these other beings fitted very well into modern day Oxford, it was well written and very compelling.

For me the second in the series didn't have the same magic and I found it tedious. But eagerly awaited the third . "The Book of Life". So much so that I stayed up until midnight last night to buy and download it as soon as it became available.

Now it could be that it is too long since I read the first ones, or maybe I was too tired last night, but my first impression is one of massive confusion and disappointment. I shall have to re-read this first section and if I am still as muddled as now...well, I don't know. Abandon it probably.


I don't know why these magic loop, toe up,two at a time socks look so unsocklike. Hopefully the completed photo will be better.



And to end with, something I read in the Daily Telegraph a year or so ago said by the Queen after the twin towers "Grief is the price we pay for love"



Socks, A Birthday and Getting to grips with Blogsy


I think Blogsy is going to make blogging on my iPad if not actually easy but certainly more convenient than on my Mac and it's not too steep a learning curve although It seems I have to make notes to remember how some things work.


TThese Big Man Boot Socks are aptly named! The left hand pair are Noro Sock yarn and the right hand are a mixture. They are both toe-up, two-at-a-time magic loop with no-wrap short row heels. My usual sock method

These are constructed the same way but they are all different sizes so that by the end of the year I should have a pair for everyone on my list. Oops - I see one pair has been photoed twice....

With the complications in our life this year Michael decided that his seventieth birthday would be a quiet affair in France and we shared a special meal with Bar and Jim at The Auberge de L'ile. And talking of meals we were so pleased to find that Ludovic our favourite cafe owner, had moved to L'Ardoise and re-opened it as a bistro sort of restaurant, open lunchtimes and evenings and very popular. We had two nice meals there in May.

This is what I gave Michael

I was worried that the colours were not contrasty enough and that I wouldn't be able to see where the colour changes came. In fact it was ok although I needed a yarn marker to be sure. I used Rowan Felted Tweed in Carbon 159 and Seafarer 170


The colours are more accurate on the second photo, Don't you just love the little flecks in it? The pattern is Sarah Hatton's Lindley from Rowan, in fact sized for teenagers so I had to make some alterations. I used3.5mm needles for the rib and 4mm for the rest.


And one more photo of a LaLa Scarf





June 2014 Posting With Blogsy

After the failure of yesterday's blogging app post, this is an attempt using an app I had never heard  of before today. Here goes - a post using Blogsy.
Let's see.
First little problem. Right now I can't work out
How to have single line spaces?.. Cracked it! From "rich" side to "write" side swipe in main editing screen with 3 fingers left or right to go from one another. Rich is rich text editor and write is HTML editor. Switch to HTML and you can sort out the spacing easily. Now for a pic Let's see.

Easy to get it from iPad to Blogsy but now I can't change its position or make it smaller.
I will try again later.... I might have to settle for big and see where it appears. OK I can resize them now. Just double click the pic and resize dialogue opens.

I'm sure you will all have heard the God and Tree limerick by Richard Knox and I was recently reminded how good it Is by a radio 4 programme a few weeks ago. In fact I seem to listen far more to radio than watch tv these days. But here it is again, because it's worth it
There was a young man who said "God
Must think it exceedingly odd
To think that this tree
Should continue to be
When there's no one about in the quad."
"Dear Sir: Your astonishment's odd;
I am always about in the quad
And that's why the tree
Will continue to be
Since observed by, Yours faithfully, God."
OK I'm going to see how pasting HTML from Flickr into HTML side of Blogsy works

This has worked ok by dropping straight from the flickr icon within the app
This is the Fantastic Flower Frock from Lucinda Guy's Designs for Kids book. I made size 4-6 for my four year old grandaughter using Rowan Cotton Glace in shades 845- Shell and 724- Bubbles and a tiny bit of green sock wool for the edging.
She is very pleased with it!
Now to test the "publish" options