End and Beginning

I didn't want this blog to disappear without a trace, so here is a brief explanation of what is going on in my life.

To cut a long story short: A few months or so ago I was  diagnosed with
PCA Alzheimers disease, a variant of Alzheimers that particularly affects the vision  so  you can   imagine that knitting and all those things  I used to love  have become very difficult.
I have decided to start a new blog where I can chart my hopeful progress and difficulties.
This will be called  Kathryn was a knitterOR Kathryn used  to knit.

Two... things 1  - 1 I hope to see you there an d 2 that I will not lose my sense of humour although that is by no  means certain!


Ew post sun -9

Adding this Sunday 19th  March

Something is seriously wrong here...if the worst comes to the worst I shall start a new similarly named blog with a link to this one. And I shall do this when Ate is here. Hopefully she will have more idea than m


Second try

That last one seems to have part of  a previous post still attached and I'm not sure how to deal with this because it doesn't appear where I type the blog entry