Sidetracked by Colinette Skirt

I only went to my LYS to look at the yarns for the tank top(see below) while I was waiting for some input from my daughter and I didn't mean to get sidetracked by Colinette yarns but I love this crocheted skirt and the colours of the yarn (Colinette Lasso) are absolutely gorgeous. The swatch doesn't really show the colours very well so I'll do another photo when I've made a bit more.

Now I had only five colours to choose from at the shop which is a shame because there are about 60 in the whole range but I don't think I can choose from a screen picture. There is a shop at the mill where you can look at everything and also buy but it is only open on weekdays and I'm too busy for the next two weeks and it's a 2 hour drive away. Can I wait?

I've never knitted anything from Colinette yarn before because all her yarns seem to be mainly synthetic as indeed is Lasso - 100% nylon. But the colours....

Edited: I've looked more closely at the whole Colinette range and I was wrong about the synthetics - there's lots of wool, cotton and other fibres amongst the man mades.


C. Nicholas Walker said...

Your blog is very professional-looking. I'm not much of a knitter myself, except when my superhero tights get ripped in a fight, but I still liked this. Keep up the good work with pictures like these and you'll have a fan base in no time.

-The Overman

Sharon said...

Wow - that's going to look fab. I think I'll stick to socks for now!