Tree Moths

The silvery trees are the ones whose leaves have all been eaten by something and covered in a sort of web.

This is a closer look at the webbing which seems to have lots bits in it that could be the remains of eggs.

Lots of our trees have been affected like this and they are all the same type of very young tree.
Do any of you have any idea what has done it? And what should we do?


Sharon said...

Oh my god - that's pretty freaky! I have no idea what it is (just a novice gardener - sorry).Maybe you could take some photos to a local garden centre and ask there? (Found your blog via Angel Yarns forum by the way - was looking at your socks!)

bar said...

We had same thing at Chez Magnot,
but caterpillars were in ours - funny little whitish ones with orange spots which didn,t seem to exist in our butterfly & moth books!!