Joining the Knitalongs

I think from my school days and the beginning of the new school year I am used to feeling that September is a good time to begin new things and for me this feeling has coincided with the discovery of several knitalongs.

I've signed up to Socktoberfest and am feeling inspired to make October a time to finish all my sock wips and also to make serious inroads into my sock yarn mountain stash. I'm also looking forward to making some smaller than usual size socks.

I have joined Sundara's Eye Candy Friday although I'm not sure I'll be able to find a suitable picture each week. I shall try because I think it's a lovely idea. I'm also tempted to sign up for her lovely yarn - Petals Collection; it would be lovely to have a surprise parcel every two months but I'm feeling it would be rather extravagant so I've yet to make a final decision.

And now I've found the Swallowtail Shawl knitalong so I've *had* to join this too.

I decided that Swallowtail would be on my list of future projects when I saw Vanessa's lovely finished shawl and in fact I've chosen the same yarn as she did for this knitalong. As soon as "Little Arrowhead" is finished I shall be casting on with Handmaiden Seasilk colour Berry.


Lyonheart said...

Having recently discovered that I like joining in too, I followed your link to Eye Candy Friday - great idea! Can't imagine what I'll take pics of mind you . . .

Alice said...

I'm supposed to be doing the ECF thing but have let it slip recently.

I looked at the Swallowtail shawl. It's lovely. I do like a nice shawl. Hasn't Vanessa lots of lovely FOs?