Holiday Heights

We've all been doing lots of this at our favourite bistro during our half-term holiday in France.

But the test of grandparents' nerves and the children's and grandchildren's holiday highlight has been the Adventure in the Forest.

Very tall pine trees are connected at different heights and by different devices, the idea being to get from tree to tree following circuits coloured by difficulty. The grandchildren started on the "yellow" which was just 8 feet or so high and graduated to "blue" and "green".

You can see the sort of connections and get an idea of the heights involved.

Green Circuit:

Grandchild with anxious mother:

The adults have so far completed the "red" and have one more trip planned to attempt the "black" - not the most difficult; it continues with "super noir"and "noir extreme".(Or - you must be mad)

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Anonymous said...

These look terrifying.
Glad you're feeling better - I'm suprised you didn,t have a relapse!