Little Arrowhead Finished


Yes, photos of Little Arrowhead but first Autumn!! It finally arrived, three or four weeks later than usual and almost too late because lots of the trees have already lost their leaves while just a dull green.

This last weekend has been lovely with frosty mornings, blue skies and such bright sunshine that we had to have a couple of tramps across the fields.

You can see I'm beginning to feel better although still along way from my usual four trips a week to the gym and thank you for your good wishes.

Little Arrowhead

It was difficult to photo this, the shades of grey and brown don't show very clearly

I used one skein of Handmaiden Seasilk, colour "mineral" on 4.5mm Brittany straights. The pattern is from Interweave Knits Summer 2006.

I love the way the Seasilk has the sheen of silk and also a staying- put- power on your shoulders that I suppose it gets from the seacell part of the yarn which I think is some seaweedy thing. The combination of the two make this a very appealing yarn.


Before I succumbed to last weeks tummy-bug I made a beef brisket dish very reminiscent of the braised brisket we used to have when we were young. I was prompted to make this after reading Dipsy D's account of All Saints' Day in Austria (scroll down) and I followed her link to their traditional dish -"tafelspitz". For the Swedish mayonnaise I substituted a bought mayonnaise-based horseradish sauce that was really good with the beef. It was a lovely meal and brisket will feature much more often for supper. Thank you for that Dipsy D.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos. But watch out for those tramps in the fields.

I really do like the sound of that yarn and must get some as soon as I can. Does it wear well? It doesn't go all bobbly too quickly?

Glad you're feeling a little bit better. Onwards and upwards, as they say.

Christina said...

Hope you continue to feel better. And I love the shawl, I too must try the yarn sometime after christmas maybe!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Mum - shawls very pretty too.xxK