Record for the largest Icarus?

Besides my dizziness I seem to have the added complication of chronic stupidity. How else can I explain the largest Icarus in history?

Didn't I think something strange was happening when I'd used 3/4 of the yarn and barely done half of the shawl?? No, instead of doing the edging a few repeats early I carried on regardless. So now the finished, ie blocked, measurements are 130" (inches!!) across the top edge and 60" from centre of the top edge to the bottom point. Too big to take a proper picture, so here is the lower triangle.

It is Rowan Kidsilk Haze in colour villain and I used just over 5 balls! It's Miriam Felton's pattern from IK Summer 2006.

I think it's destined to be either a throw, perhaps over a white bedspread, or a wall hanging. What do you think? Frogging isn't an option with KSH. I think my tension must have been way off this time because the other Miriam Felton pattern I did - Seraphim- blocked out to the right size and the patterns are very similar, the construction is the same and the yarn is the same so the size should have been the same too.

Never mind, it's lovely regardless of its size.

I've decided I don't like any of the colours of the Patons Jet for the jacket I was going to do and so I'm now planning to do another Louisa Harding Marguerite in the pinky/orange 03 colour. I've sent back the Jet and I'm exchanging it for the Louisa Harding so I hope I like it when it comes.

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Dipsy D. said...

I absolutely agree, Icarus is definitely lovely despite its size - and actually, I'm a big fan of *huge* shawls - the bigger the better! Something to cuddle into, to wrap around - yep, that's what a shawl means for me, and Icarus seems to be just perfect for that! It's gorgeous!