My Easy Lace Sock

I'm very proud of this little sock because it is my own design as far as a sock can be. After all, they have to be the same shape and there aren't many different ways of achieving this. And only so many lacey patterns that can be incorporated, so it's very difficult to say it's unique but I haven't seen one the same anywhere.

It is my usual short row toe and heel worked from toe up on one circular - my favourite method. It is very easy with a simple lace pattern on the top of the foot and round the leg.

Rowan 4ply Soft Colour 370 - Whisper
2.5mm Addi 80cm turbos
The pattern should hopefully be available soon.


Alice said...

Oh yes, very nice. I will definitely be knitting that one!

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, but this is definitely a very unique sock - what a great lacey pattern! You know, I'm absolutely addicted to socks with lace patterns, and this is a particularly beautiful one! I'm *so* looking forward to the pattern and will definitely try it out soon!

Anonymous said...

Those look really similiar to the Simply Lovely Lace socks from Interweave. Your inspiration?

kathryn said...

I hadn't seen the IK Spring 2006 Simply Lovely Lace socks until now. I've ordered the back issue so I'll know better when that arrives but from the blogging pictures I've seen I would say my lace pattern is simpler (only one row in four has yo's and decreases - the other 3 being just knit. Also the IK socks aren't short row either toes or heels and I think they are knit top down. So basically apart from its being a sock and with a lace pattern it's quite different.

kathryn said...

Actually, on closer inspection of other bloggers Simply Lovely Socks I think the lace pattern may well be the same. But then it is only an eyelet pattern and the simplest one I know.