New Year, New Projects

Isn't it funny how one day you can be just tootling along knitting a sock here and a shawl there, hats and corsages - whatever you feel like, all with no pressure and then suddenly out of the blue lots of things come along all at once asking to be knitted right now.

But first a finished pair of socks:

Just my usual style of toe-up sock. The yarn is Fleece Artist Sock Merino in colour Pinata - it's a more exciting colour than it looks in the photo and it was lovely to knit with but I think even from the small screen picture you can see that the underneath sock's colour is quite a different tone and what's more the stitch size is different too. The socks are for me and the foot won't show to anyone else when they're being worn but what a nuisance! The wool was all from the same skein so there shouldn't really have been that sort of difference. I didn't compare the two until I was measuring for the heel so then I changed back to the yarn left-over from making the first one. Never mind. It's in my mind to knit some with Jitterbug now.

But I want to knit a sort of jacket/cardigan and I'm not at all sure which to do. There's this

The Breton Jacket from IK Fall 2006 and I'm also tempted by a Comfy Cosy in Point Five that I've seen as a kit at Colinette . I shall choose between these although actually I think I might find the Point Five too thick and chunky. The Breton is an Aran weight so perhaps this will win. I like Louisa Harding's Willow as well. And the there's Forecast...(Sorry Alice I seem to be copying all your ideas)

When we were in France at New Year lots of women were wearing plain short scarves that had a beady sort of trim at each end and I'd like to make one too. I've got some ideas of what I'll do but nothing concrete yet.

I don't know what's caused this flurry of new project ideas and I find it quite unsettling. I like to know what I'm doing next , in fact I'm never happier than when I've got lots of things otn.

Could it be (health update) because I've just had my MRI scan although I've not had the results and I still have all my symptoms so nothing has changed? Well, actually the scan was yesterday but I can only just begin to talk about it. IT WAS AWFUL. I had no idea I was going to react as I did- totally terrified in that machine - with that noise.... now I knew there was nothing to be afraid of but I couldn't stop the way my heart was pounding instead of beating, and thumping and the worst palpitations ever. It really was the most scary thing that's happened to me. If I'd had any idea that I would react that way I'd have dosed myself with something first. They said afterwards that lots of people had tranquillizers from their GP....I couldn't stop shaking when it was finished (it took 20 minutes) and then I started crying - completely out of control. If I ever have to have another I shall request heavy sedation.

Sorry for that little diversion. I just need a cup of camomile tea now - it's reminded me of it.

Let me leave you with this yarn from Miss Bell. I can't link directly to the yarn but if you click on the "handspun yarn" icon then the one I like is the very last one. It's expensive but I think it's exactly the colours Kate wants for her AbFab that I've promised her for her birthday in March Isn't it gorgeous?


Hawkesley said...

Lovely socks and that yarn looks gorgeous!

Alice said...

I had an MRI scan a few years ago. Luckily mine was only a cross-section of my neck and throat, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. But the noise - it is indeed quite scary. I hope your mystery is cleared up and the outcome is good. I have to go for an ultrasound in Feb for some problems I have and am in a terrified phase at the moment (what's new with me ?!) but at least ultrasounds are okay.

I really like the colours in the sock - it's weird about the variations in the yarn, though. I had that before but my two socks were REALLY different.

Dipsy said...

I can so well relate to your fears with the MRI scan - I never had one myself yet fortunately, but some friends had and told me about their experiences - well, they felt the same like you did, so it must be a really scary experience indeed! I'm so glad though that you've done it - fingers crossed that everything will turn out really well!
My gosh, what an amazing yarn, this is true art in itself! And your socks are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love the yarn - think it would look great mum.kx