Kiss Cross Socks and Shetland Triangle

This is my first yarn from the YarnYard Club and I couldn't wait to use it. It's not a colour I would normally have chosen but I love the way it's turned out and I like having the plain yarn for the heels and toes. It's my normal sock method with a simple eyelet cross pattern on it. In fact if I do it again I shall make more row distance between the crosses so that it looks less like an Argyll pattern and more like distinct crosses - they are supposed to be kisses. I am very excited about the construction of the central hole (if you can "construct" a hole). Here is a close-up.

Look at the middle eyelet and you can see that the two diagonal lines cross each other symmetrically. I found the centred eyelet method of achieving this described in "A Gathering of Lace" by Meg Swanson and it works beautifully.

ETA Pattern notes here or see link in sidebar

Shetland Triangle

I started this shawl - Evelyn Clarke's Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style - ages ago at the beginning of November I think and somehow I really couldn' t get going on it and I'm not really all that keen on it now although I don't exactly know why. I used Kaalund kid mohair and I think I would have preferred KSH and although the pattern wasn't difficult I kept making silly mistakes and having to undo it. And even though I pulled and pulled in the blocking ( finished size 25" x 56"), there are still sort of "dimples" in the fabric instead of it being nice and smooth. I might give it a second blocking and see if that improves it......nevermind, it's the only shawl that I haven't been really pleased with.


Alice said...

Both lovely! It's funny how sometimes we just don't fall in love with an FO, isn't it? And funny how we keep going and finish it, even so! Maybe the shawl will grow on you.

I really like the crosses on your socks, and the colours.

MJ said...

I love your Shetland!!
Great job!

Dipsy said...

I'm totally impressed! The shawl is absolutely lovely, and so are the socks, what a great pattern! You've been so productive lately - yay for that!