Eye Candy Coffee

This is definitely the best Eye Candy for me most mornings. Sometimes it's the only thing that hits the spot.
I don't know what I'd do without my Espresso Machine. I love expresso coffee but I am a bit fussy about which coffee I use. It has to be from Higgins and I always have it ground for expresso and dark roast. My favourite coffee beans are Kenya - Estate and Peaberry, Costa Rica - Terrazu and Tanzania- Double A Chagga.

I like my cup 1/3 filled with coffee and topped up with hot frothed soya milk. I have two cups each day (well, three at weekends) and only ever in the morning. Here is my machine

I so can't manage without this fix that I have a machine in both my French kitchens even though neither has a dishwasher or microwave.

And of course it's made perfect by the company.


Vanessa said...

hmmm yum! i've never try this bean before. gotto look it up if i can find it here. oh yeah I'm totally i'm with you on that, i'd rather have a coffee machine than a dishwasher/mircowave:)

Hannah said...

Mmmmm. I can almost smell and taste it...Maybe I do need a cappucino maker after all? I love your blog--great photos, cool socks! Thanks...I'll be back :-)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh...I do like a coffee in the morning, although I am rather fond of a very large frothy cappucino - decaf and skinny - makes you wonder what the point is(?!) but it's the taste and being pregnant I am leaving the caffeine well alone. Rach

Alice said...

Yes, I do love my espresso machine, too. Nothing like a good, strong coffee in the morning. Yours look delicious.

Dipsy said...

Oh. My. Gosh. This was the perfect post - and the perfect pics! - for a coffee nut like I am! Like you, I only drink coffee in the mornings, the rest of the day is devoted to tea - but being a "coffee gourmet" is one of the best things there is! I got to buy the most awesome Kenyan bean while on vacation there many years ago - up until now I've never managed to find this exact one again, and gosh, I miss it - it sure was the best!