Green Lizard and Weed

It is such lovely Spring weather in France. We've heard the first cuckoo and seen the first green lizard.

And of course there are millions of weeds. But what are these that we've never seen before in our garden?

There are hundreds of them and I think they must be weeds because they are so prolific. They have a long pointed carrot type of root.

It'd be great if any of you gardeners could identify them for us.

Blogging seems even more difficult than usual.It's always slow on French dial-up but this time it seems slower than ever. Pages are taking 10 -15 minutes (!) to open and the Posh Yarn sale yesterday took almost 20 minutes. So..it's impossible to keep up with the blogs I usually read and it will have to wait until we are back.

Update on Baby George

Baby George is six days old and has gained a massive 8 ozs!!


Alice said...

Hurrah for Baby George - well done !

Love the green lizzard - great accessory, I think.

Sorry, I have no idea about the greenery, though.

Dipsy said...

Oy - unfortunately I'm not much of a gardener (though I'd love to!), so I don't have a clue what in all the world this could be - but honestly, it looks cool ;)
And yay on Baby George, how great is that?! All the very, very best!

the girl with pointy sticks said...

Looks like you have a huge selection of dandilion greens. Great as a salad. Bitter, but with the right extras, absolutely scrumptious.