Handsome Triangle

I'm not exactly able to do much knitting at the moment as it's always busy at the start of our holidays even when I'm not looking after a daughter who arrived on antibiotics for one infection and within a day of getting here, hurt her back and has been unable to lift either of her two young children. Fortunately she is on the mend.

Here is what I was working on before we came to France:

A Handsome Triangle from Jane Sowerby's Victorian Lace Today and isn't it beautiful?

And some more pictures...

I used 4.5mm needles with Silk 'de la Mer' - colour Pearl Rose - from Piece of Beauty Yarns. This yarn is such a silky and soft combination of silk (70%) and sea cell (30%) and 600m to 150gm. I didn't pay enough attention to the yardage requirements when I bought my yarn so my shawl isn't as big as in the book but it is quite big enough.

In the rush of getting ready for holiday I forgot to measure the shawl after blocking so I will add those details when we get home later (much later).

And this bag for Kate

The Rowan lady at the Kingston John Lewis shop told me what to do. It's knitted in Rowan Summer Tweed on 4.5mm needles and the different coloured stripes are based exactly on the colours of Martin Storey's "Sunshine", a short-sleeved top, in Rowan's Kasbah Collection.


Arianwen said...

I love that shawl, I just bought the book - well as I waited for the yarn for ms3. Were the patterns easy to follow in the book? I guess I am a bit spoilt after melanie's easy instructions

Queen of the froggers said...

I love your shawl, I am making one at the moment in Fyberspates 2 ply silk, I don't think that it will be as beautiful as that!

Piglottie said...

Your shawl is gorgeous! How did you find the Piece of Beauty seasilk to knit with? I'm having major problems with fine laceweight atm, but am tempted by this yarn but dont want to have another disaster lol. And i love the bag and happen to have some Summer Tweed in stash that I've been wondering what to do with :)

Christina said...

your shawl is stunning. I love the yarn. I want to knit that pattern too, was it hard? And the bag is lovely as well. Hope your DD is better soon.

Probably Jane said...

That's a glorious shawl - there are so many beautiful designs in that book aren't there?