Mystery Continues

I'm no further forward in guessing the theme of Mystery Stole 3 but I love it. This is how it looks at the end of clue 3.
It measures 27" x 16" - rough measurements because I haven't pinned it out.

Next week the clue will be 135 rows instead of the 50 we had this last time and then there won't be another clue until Friday 3rd August when the theme will be revealed.

I've been thoroughly enjoying knitting this stole partly I think because of the enforced waiting between sets of instructions so that there's no time to get bored with it. And it's funny but since I started this I've not really wanted to knit anything other than lace although I *have* managed to finish off these socks that were almost complete before the stole

These are knitted in Blue Moon Fibre Arts Socks That Rock - Medium weight merino colour "Spring Fling". This is the first time I've used this yarn because it has to be ordered from America but it won't be the last. It was lovely to knit with, feels lovely on and there is an astonishing range of colours available. I've been very jealous of the lucky people who belong to the STR yarn club - closed to new members now and I'm just waiting for next years subscriptions to open.

Here are pictures of the toe and heels.

and these Stroud Wool Socrates SuperSock from Violet Green's April Sock Club yarn

and Montego Bay Scarf that fitted nicely into time between stole knitting

The pattern is in Interweave Knits Summer 2007.I used Handmaiden Sea Silk colour Capri on 5.5 mm needles. It was a very fast and relaxing knit so much so that I've started another in Handmaiden Sea Wool colour Pinata.

Can't wait until Friday......unfortunately we'll be spending four hours on a train going to Edinburgh on Saturday early in the morning for a wedding later that day and then the same journey back again on Sunday. I shan't be able to concentrate enough to work on the stole and on Tuesday we're setting off to France via Kate's in London so that means I shan't get started until Thursday at best. Hmmm....I know it's not a race......


Kai said...

The stole is looking lovely.

Love the 'thought' of STR, but, like you, I'll have to wait to join the club! :)

And the scarf is v.pretty. How many yards did you use?

kathryn said...

One skein is plenty to do what I did and still have enough to do a fringe if you want to. Mine measured just under 70"without a fringe.

Emily said...

And your clue 3 looks lovely as ever... I've just posted mine. We seem to be doing lots of the same projects just now -
I've done the Montego Bay too (not sure I've posted it on my blog) in the Handmaiden silk, and with no fringeing (it's narrower as the silk is finer, but suits the recipient that way).
Also just started Swallowtail to keep me going till Friday - 11 repeats of the budding lace so far since yesterday - it's zooming!

Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

Queen of the froggers. said...

Wow, the mystery stole is coming along beautifully. The more I see Montego bays the more I like them!

Arianwen said...

It looks like you have had a really busy week. Your stole is lookning really lovely. I know what you mean about wanting to just do lace - I am knitting something plain as well as ms3 because people keep talking to me if I get out anything lacey.

Dipsy said...

Your stole is coming along so beautifully, and my, I really love these socks! Such a beautiful colourway, and the toes and heels look absolutely perfect! And that scarf! Yummy indeed - I adore the colour as well as the pattern! You've been knitting up a storm indeed - great work!

Christina said...

what gorgeous knits, you have been busy. I love the str socks and your ms3 is especially nice.

Piglottie said...

What lovely things! I think your Mystery Stole is beautiful, and I love the border - it has a Celtic feel. I have some STR in my stash waiting to try, although with the recent hike in US postal charges I'm not sure I'll be ordering again. Your socks look stunning, very pretty colourway.