Mystery Stole Progress

This is how it's looking after completing clue 1. It's definitely going to be a "lacey" lace stole so much so that I've had serious doubts during the last week about undoing it and starting again on smaller needles - and with more prominent beads. But now that clue 2 is out I want to continue. It'll be nice and light and airy and any unevenness will go when it's blocked.

But I am finding the fineness of the yarn a bit testing and in future I'll make my lace with no thinner than the Zephyr yarn originally suggested for this stole.


Arianwen said...

Hmm yummy are the beads easy to put on? I have never put them on with a crochet hook before. I am waiting for my yarn to arrive. I can't wait to start.

kathryn said...

It is very easy as long as you have a very small hook - I used 0.6mm. There is an excellent tutorial here

Michelle said...


Been wandering round the knitting blogs and just had to stop and say that shawl is beautiful.

Take care,



Christina said...

your ms3 is looking gorgeous so far. I love the colour and it's very neat. And I do like the yarns from violet green, must resist joining her sock club!!

Piglottie said...

I love it Kathryn! It so much fun watching everyone's progress. The pattern is coming out beautifully :)

Dipsy said...

This stole is coming along so very beautifully! But I agree, such extremely fine yarn is not that fun to work with - good luck with it though, this is going to become a real piece of art!