A little bit of knitting and a hospital trip

Two new wips.

First my Fiddlehead Scarf bought as a kit -yarn and pattern- from Morehouse Farm

This is such a fun knit and I'm really loving it!! And it knits up amazingly quickly. I'm using super smooth Addi lace 3.25mm

And my Morning Glory Wrap from Anne Hanson at Knit Spot in Posh Yarn Eva 4ply- Turquoise
a slower knit needing a bit more concentration but very satisfying.

I know Morning Glory should be more purply/lavender but I like all things green atm.

One new finished Montego Bay Scarf. This time knitted in Sea Wool from Handmaiden, colour Pinata.

And another one in Seasilk started and finished over the weekend but no picture - Rachel has taken it home with her!

The Montego Bays really fitted the bill when I needed something relaxing to knit last weekend. I kept having flashing arcs in my already not A1 eye and after a telephone consultation with the hospital at home I worried for the weekend and then went to our local hospital in France on Monday. To cut a long story short my eye is ok, I was able to see an opthalmic consultant that same day and there is no retinal tear and as long as it doesn't get worse there's no need to worry. Of course I am still worrying and not least because as in all hospitals they did my bp and it was sky-high and just before we came away for holiday my bp medication had been reduced to zero. I'm going to keep my eye on it and if it doesn't begin to go down as the stresses decrease I'll phone the surgery at home and see if I ought to restart the tablets.

This is so far not a relaxing holiday.

And I must reply to your comments and questions about my Handsome Triangle shawl - Piglottie ,the Piece of Beauty Silk de la Mer yarn I used was easier than The Yarn Yard's to work with as it was quite a bit thicker so altogether it provided light relief from MS3. Christina thank you for your concern for DD - she's recovered well with rest and tlc! and the pattern wasn't at all hard and -Arianwen - in fact was a very easy one to follow from the charts in Victorian Lace Today. No less enjoyable for that! There are lots of others that I would love to make in that book but I agree, Probably Jane they are all lovely. And Queen of the Froggers the Fyberspates silk is gorgeous yarn and I'm sure your shawl will look lovely.


Piglottie said...

Oh hun, I'm sorry to hear you have had health scares while on holiday. I do hope that your bp drops and you can enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Your knitting is, as ever, stunning! I adore the Morning Glory and think the colour choice is perfect. Montego Boy is on my things to knt for Christmas presents :) And thank you for the comments on the Piece of Beauty (now to find some pennies) :)

Take care

Christina said...

Hope you feel better soon, glad to hear your DD is on the mend though.

Yes, I agree with Piglottie, gorgeous knitting. I love all of your lace projects. I can see myself doing some for christmas too!!

Knittings Nice! said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.....looking at your lace knitting...gorgeous...haven't as yet got round to really intense lace knitting. As for your question re spinning only started about 7 months ago...spindle first then about only a month later a Lendrum wheel, absolutely love it, I just seem to loose myself in the rythm of the wheel. Tomorrow Saturday am off to my Guild for several hours, not much gets done really, to much nattering goes on but great fun never the less.

Probably Jane said...

I hope your health soon settles down, Kathryn and am glad your DD is recovered.

I am enjoying your enthusiasm for green - lovely work.

gilraen said...

Here's to speedy recovery and no further scares, take it easy. :)

Your lace knitting is simply divine. I admire anyone who can do it so well. :)

All that green is very relaxing.