Proper Holiday Weather

At last we seem to be having a settled spell of "proper" holiday weather and about time too! And tonight all the meal preparation has been done in advance so we can sit and enjoy the evening sunshine. We're having the confit of duck with green lentils that I'd prepared for last night's meal but didn't eat as we were furthering the Entente Cordiale having aperitifs with our neighbours; the time flew by until it was too late to eat at all!

First some new FOs.
This is my favourite

Anne Hanson's Morning Glory Wrap from Knitspot. It is as yet unblocked as I don't have my blockin wires here but I couldn't wait to show you. I'll rephoto when it's blocked.

I used three skeins of Posh Yarns Eva 4ply in Turquoise, 4.5mm needles and 55 stitches instead of 64. I did an extra repeat of the hem edging and less Purse Mesh Stitch on one side and two repeats less of the MorningGlory pattern because thats when my yarn ran out. It measures 62" x 14".

It is more open that the original which is done with DK and I think I shall make another in this because I really like it.

And this - for Rachel
Eloise from Jane Ellison's Noro Knits. It is waiting for a knitted flower and some buttons! Oh yes - and blocking. I used seven balls of Noro Blossom shade #5 and 5mm needles so it knitted up very quickly .
I decided that I liked it better with the knit side as the right side rather than as in the Noro book that has the purl side outside.

Moles - soon to be no more.....

We declared a truce this summer with the army of moles in our garden and instead of trying to get rid of them, I've been using my energy to make use of the lovely soil in each mole hill and to minimise the plant damage they could cause.

That was ok until I saw this

It was reassuringly expensive and comes with a money back guarantee if not satisfied . We deciphered the French instructions and are going to have one last try. We've got just a few days of holiday to decide if it works......I hesitate to say exactly what is its modus operandi, but I'm sure it's more humane than putting thorny rose cuttings in their runs.


Kai said...

the scarf is lovely! and so is the cardi. :)

Dipsy said...

Oh my gosh, your FOs are so gorgeous once more! The Morning Glory Wrap is stunningly beautiful, especially in this color! The patterns seems to be quite a bit tricky, but you've knit it up so beautifully! And I love the cardi too - very, very beautiful!

natalie said...

That stole is beautiful, well done.
Moles... we had moles and in the end I had to get a mole catcher-person because there were so many runs in the back garden it was like an obstacle course... destructive little so-and-so's.


Pixie said...

What gorgeous knitting you have done and good luck with the moles.
TY for your visit :)

Queen of the froggers said...

The wrap and its colour are beautiful. I hope your husbands dental problems are better. It is a coincidence because before we went to France I had to persuade mine to visit the dentist and he ended up on antibiotics too ... and sadly spent the whole holiday without partaking in a drop of French wine!!!

Emily said...


Just a quicky - yes, going to NEC Saturday afternoon. Let me know if you will be there then, would be good to meet.