Sirdar Feather and Fan Cardigan

Latest wip - Sirdar cardigan leaflet 5568 in this lovely green Rowanspun DK shade 747 on 4.5mm needles

I'm using 4.5mm needles, Rowanspun DK in colour 747 and the pattern is Sirdar leaflet 5568 - discontinued I'm sad to say.
Actually I started this sometime in June I think and had a lot of trouble deciding whether the colour was right but the wool and pattern seem to go together very well and I really like it now.

Progress is slow but steady because my main aim is to finish the Mystery Stole although the theme is no longer a mystery - it's Swan Lake. After the first week on holiday I came to an absolute halt on this with my various health issues making it impossible for me to concentrate but now there's real incentive to finish it because I've joined another mystery lace shawl knitalong - The Secret of the Stole and I don't think my brain can cope with more than one fine yarn lace project! This one begins on October 5th with the pattern given in installments. There's already a Ravelry group set up with 262 members.

We've been home now for a week and I'm gradually getting back to normal. My blood pressure is still having some highs but the cardiologist said the readings weren't high enough to restart medication so that is very good. I've got to monitor it myself for four months and then he'll review it.
My eye is still not normal but better than it was, so hopefully it will carry on improving.. . and my stress levels are reducing as well thank goodness.

And a final word on our French moles....we only had time to try the new mole-atron twice but it worked perfectly each time!


Piglottie said...

I love feather and fan! And I think the colour looks beautiful with the pattern. How are you finding the Rowanspun? I have some to knit Eris with, which I'm hoping to start soon (well, at some point when the prospect of knitting something bigger than a sock becomes less daunting!).

I hope you recover fully soon. *hugs*

kathryn said...

I'm enjoying knitting with Rowanspun and I think Eris would look lovely in it. I'm not sure if it might be a bit itchy if it's next to the skin. I'll let you know!

kathryn said...

PS Thanks for your health wishes!

Emily said...

Beautiful green in that Rowanspun!

I shall go to the NEC for the exhibitions as much as anything. I don't want to buy lots, anyway, so fewer stalls not such a bad thing! Last year it had plenty for me. i always find the Al Pal one overwhelming! I suppose it's not a hard thing for me to go, though, I live right in South Birmingham; alos, Brenda is coming up to stay the night and we're going together (I think she'll be recording for the podcast).

If you go, it would be lovely to see you - I'll be not very tall, lots dark hair, and wearing my grey Shetland MS3 (WITH WING!)

Dipsy said...

Ohhhh - this cardigan is going to look absolutely stunning with this pattern and that beautiful colour that you chose! Looking forward to seeing more of it!
I'm very glad to hear that you're doing a bit better and that your blood pressure isn't that high anymore. Please, do take good care of yourself, will you?

Probably Jane said...

Very beautiful - I have a small stock of Rowanspun squirrelled away - it's an old favourite