South Seas Stole and New Recruit

South Seas Stole Photos

I am so enjoying knitting this and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to test knit Laura's lovely South Seas Stole. Each pattern section is so different from the next and quite different from other lace patterns I've knitted I have to knit a bit more to see how it'll look and then I have to get to the next section..... it's very difficult to stop.

This is part of the edging attached to two different pattern sections - Purl Shell and Shell Lace patterns.

This is the first corner and Sea Foam pattern

And this is where I'm up to - you can just see the lovely Sunspots section.

None of this is blocked yet so the lace will be much more lacy when it is.

New Recruits

Out of the blue in the middle of our last Summer holiday Kate asked me if I thought she could do some knitting. This is dd2 who hasn't picked up any knitting needles since she was ten or eleven and hasn't shown any interest at all in my knitting so this came as quite a surprise. But not quite as surprising as her seven year old son's response. He pleaded with her not to learn saying it would change their lives and who would cook their meals....now where has he got the idea that knitting is so time consuming I wonder.??

The next day he asked if he was old enough to learn to knit too!!

They are both firm converts now each with expensive taste in needles and having started with nice yarn - I gave her some Knitwitches DK Cashmere for a scarf - want to carry on that way.

Kate has now got a small group of her friends all who now want her to teach them how to do it and they are having regular knit-togethers. It's lovely having a family member interested in my obsessive hobby.


clarabelle said...

Kathryn, it's sooooo beautiful! I had a look at Laura's site via your last post and I so much want to knit this. Once the pattern comes available I'm defo going to drop everything for it (I've even got some yarn lined up!).

Great news that the knitting tradition is carrying on in your family. No such luck (as yet) with my lot....

Piglottie said...

Your grandson is wise before his years lol - if you cant beat them, join them but how lovely to have family to share with.

I think the stole is truly beautiful and you are such a neat knitter! The thought of knitted on borders terrifies me.

Laura said...

Your shawl is looking *fabulous*, Kathryn! Simply fabulous. You've been an awesome test knitter for me. :-) Hugs.

So glad to hear that your daughter and her son have decided they like knitting. Woot!

Dipsy said...

My gosh, what can I say? You're doing the most beautiful work! This one's stunningly gorgeous - such a great pattern as well as the perfect colour!
And how great that you've recruited two new knitters - it must be so wonderful when knitting carries on in one's family! Yay for Kate and her son!!!

Aknita said...

Kathryn that's looking fantastic! I always know I am in for a treat when I visit your blog.

I wonder if I could do a knitted on border after all these years? I once completed my nephews 3-ply Christening shawl flat on my back in bed with a slipped disc - for some reason I haven't attempted it since ;)that was thirteen years ago!

KnitYoga said...

The stole looks absolutely beautiful! Definitely a one for the list methinks! Well done, on your new knitting recruits. That must be wonderful to have family members who are enthusiastic about knitting, too!