Are any of you listening to "World on the Move" on Radio 4? It's about animal migration but most fascinating for me is their tracking of a female osprey's journey last year from her nest in Scotland to the part of Africa where she spent the winter and then a month ago, starting on 12th March, her journey back to her summer home.

There's a diary here showing her daily progress and her latest position - just north of Heathrow. She's got about 750km to go until she reaches her nest and her mate who is perched on a nearby tree waiting for her. There's a picture of that too. I can't believe how interesting I'm finding this!!

This is my latest top- down sweater - it took just 3 skeins of lace weight Cashmere, colour "Far from the Madding Crowd" from Violet Green on 3.75mm circular needles to make a useful lightweight Summer top.

Again, I'll post the pattern notes when it's easier to type.

I've been feeling quietly confident that the *kinesitherapy session I had in France made an improvement to my back; it's still not better but there's no doubt the "treatment" had some effect.

In the few hours immediately after, I felt desperately tired and could only move at a snail's pace. Gradually that feeling wore off and I began to feel more normal and that night I slept better than I had done for years - not waking until about 9am. Unheard of as my normal wake-up time is between 5am and 6am

It was a weird sort of treatment. Bruno said there was an enormous block causing the muscles around my lower vertebrae to stop working properly and causing lots of inflammation. Now he didn't touch my back once during the whole thirty minutes. He never "manipulated", just touched very gently always with two hands - one on a foot, the other on tummy or waist. Or one on my tummy and the other on my head. He didn't press - it was all very very gentle. At the end he said the blockage was cleared and that a chain reaction had started so that the body would gradually heal itself.


I don't know. There's no doubt in my mind that something happened, I don't know what, or if it will stop my back pain. If I'm still suffering when we go back at the end of May I'm inclined to give it one more try. We'll see.

* I think I mistranslated this last time as kinesiology. But he didn't speak English.


Anonymous said...

Oh I like that, well done and such a gorgeous Spring colour too. I'll look forward to the pattern details when you get around to it. Glad to hear that you're feeling better too. There's obviously something to these alternative treatments. You just have to try. Better than pills and potions anyway.

Aknita said...

Isn't that lovely. You're a real top down convert now aren't you. Such a lovely colour.

I swear by my chiropractic. Sometimes I swear AT her, but that's another story;-)Sometimes knowing HOW something works is bedide the point, it's the working that counts.

Alice said...

Hello! Thank you for your comment!

I love your jumper. It looks great on you and the variations in shade are lovely.

Interesting about your kinesitherapy. What is the difference between that and kinesiology? Do you know? I had a kinesiology appointment booked and then couldn't go, due to being in bed with flu (would you believe). I'm still curious about it all.

Maureen said...

The sweaters are lovely.

Interesting to hear of your experience with the 'kinesitherpist'. My colleague has had similar sounding treatments by his chiropractor and he's swears by them. No manipulation or adjustments, just gentle massage/kneading on certain areas. I hope you're continuing to enjoy relief from your back pains.

BTW, your daughter's cake looks absolutely fantastic. What a talent!

clarabelle said...

Wow, a lace weight jumper! I'm in awe. It looks lovely, a beautiful shade (I'm really into green atm).

My daughter is an 'alternative' health therapist, and I'm not totally convinced with some of this stuff. But I reckon that anything is worth a try.