Flutter Scarf

Flutter Scarf is a very fast and effective pattern designed by Miriam Felton. I love the way the ruffles flow out of the eyelets.

Pattern: MimKnits Flutter Scarf
Yarn: Violet Green's 55%/45% Silk/Cashmere 2ply lace weight in colour Berries (55gm)
Needles: 4mm Brittany Birch
Size:8" x 52"

Lovely pattern and lovely yarn.

Violet Green's Silk/Cashmere is very like Posh Yarns Eva - same composition and yardage but *slightly* easier to acquire!! I love Posh Yarns yarn but I haven't been fast enough to buy any for at least the last six weeks - and not through lack of trying. In fact last Sunday all the yarn seemed to be sold within about 5 minutes. Dee has got an incredibly effective way of selling and Well Done Dee!! But.... I find it so stressful! I'm sure it wacks up my blood pressure. I expect I'll carry on trying to buy it but I don't hold out much hope that I'll get any.

And right now I'm very tempted by this and this....

ETA The second "this" link above worked when I first typed it but since then I bought 3 hanks of it and I must have had all there was because it's not there now! This link is another colour I liked and this is the link to all the Silk/Cash.


Besides being a model tree the lovely cedar is also the new home of DH's birthday present.

You can see it easily in the sunshine

But against the light it's very camouflaged.

It's not just a bird's nesting box, it has a little camera inside it. Well, we haven't actually put the camera in yet because I'm still checking that it works ok and I didn't want a wireless one so we've got to organise the cable too. I know that no bird will use it this year or even next but they'll get used to its being there so hopefully, eventually, we'll be able to watch them in their nests- I think the blue-tit sized ones will be most likely. It's a colour camera -except for at night when the infra-red will kick in and it can link either to the tv or direct to the pc; I'm told it's easy to make dvds of them in their nest......

Worcester Peregrines

I love the way web cams have made it easy to see bird activity that otherwise would be hidden.

I've particularly enjoyed watching a pair of peregrine falcons with their two chicks in their nest on St Andrew's spire in Worcester. I think there are still two more eggs to hatch. This web cam updates every 10 seconds, so although it's not a movie it's fast enough to be interesting.


clarabelle said...

You're one step ahead of me, Kathryn, with the Flutter scarf! I have the pattern lined up... and it's gorgeous in the VG lace. I haven't bought from this store yet, but I'm sure I will (and yes, it's a little easier to acquire than PY atm!).

What a fantastic birthday present! I will bear this in mind - we have a few bird boxes, but the camera element is just great.

Pixie said...

Beautiful scarf and love the yarn, i love the crocus you linked too.. what is the other? as it doesn't show anything.
Love the multi purpose tree and neat pressie too :)
Hope your feeling well xxx

kathryn said...

The second link was to a gorgeous pale blue yarn but now it's disappeared from the web site (since I bought some so I can only assume I bought all there was!)Here Silk/Cashmere link: http://sockyarn.co.uk/index.php/cPath/236_255

Pixie said...

Hi Kathryn, thanks for explaining about the link,
Makes sense nothing would be there if you bought it :)
Love the roses and cream, there is some scrummy colours in that yarn..

Thank you too on the shawl my Mum modelled.. she is going to have one of her own, just waiting on the yarn to arrive..

Have a great day

kim said...

I love your Flutter Scarf. I have to admit it was one of my favorite knits. There is something about the way it delicately billows that I just adore!

How incredibly interesting to put a camera inside a birdhouse!

Anonymous said...

A bird house with built in camera--what a great gift! My father is a life-long birder. I may need to look into one as a Christmas gift for him.

The scarf is lovely!

donnac1968 said...

Beautiful scarf, wonderful colour.

Aknita said...

What a beautiful scarf. I love Miriam Felton's patterns, clear and well writen, you always know they will "work" iwswim.

There is a disused quarry opposite my mother's bungalow where peregrine falcons nest every year. They were making SUCH a noise when I visited her on Friday. Wonderful birds aren't they.

dreamcatcher said...

Love the scarf, it looks so "alive" with those ruffles.

Hope you get some birds nesting in the box, it would be amazing to watch them via a tiny camera!