Rona Lace Shawl and Mondrian's Treehouse Throw

I'm upset just thinking about the shawl so I'll show you the throw first.

It's a Colinette kit, Mondrian's Treehouse in colour scheme Tableau, knitted on 6.5mm Denises using 6 hanks of each of Giotto colours Lichen 76,Caramel 148 and Cherry 122. In fact the Caramel was a bit pinkier than I wanted so I alternated this with some Mushroom from my ample stash.

It was fairly quick to knit but it took ages to get round to sewing in the thousands of ends.

It's destined for a wall in our French house...not sure which one but it'll be a long wait if I wait until it's in situ.

And here modelled by GS5

This is Harry - the current youngest of my six grandchildren. And I'm expecting three more this year!!!

Oh yes, Rona Lace Shawl.

I'm using Violet Green's lace weight Cashmere/Silk again, this time it's colour Emerald and it really does have a jewel-like shine and of course the soft handle from the cashmere.

This is the new beginning.....

Last week I was making excellent progress. On Saturday I told Clarabelle ( who by the way is having a Super Shawl Raffle) that I had done a third of it and over the weekend I made very speedy progress. For some bizarre reason it didn't occur to me to wonder why my yarn seemed to be lasting so long - I expected I would use three skeins to make this shawl so why didn't alarm bells ring when I was still on the first ball and already three quarters finished??

How could I have been so stupid????

In my hurry to get going I managed to omit one of the initial increase rounds so that the whole of my shawl was based on six initial pattern repeats per round and not the twelve needed. So for the rest of the shawl my circumference had half the required number of stitches. So it could never be flat. Only a sort of large pudding basin thingy. Why ever didn't I notice??? 180 stitches instead of 360!!! A bit of a difference....

I was too upset to take a photo and just undid it very quickly. Of course, progress is half the speed of before and I'm itching to get started on The Orkney Pi but I can't start that yet.


Arianwen said...

I love the greeny colour of the rona lace so pretty. It is a pain pulling back but I am sure you will get back on track soon

clarabelle said...

The Mondrian throw is brilliant! How good that will look as a mural piece (somehow, especially in France!). And how cute is Harry - but 3 more this year?!!

Looks like you had the same problem as me, but in reverse, with the Rona shawl. Let's hope all bodes well with the Pi!

(And thanks so much for mentioning my shawl raffle.)

Kai said...

I love the throw!! It's fabulous and really well modelled by a lovely little cherub! :)

*hugs* on the shawl. :(

Maureen said...

Beautiful knitting as always! Love the Dulcavina shawl.

3 more grandchildren this year - boy oh boy, the family is rapidly growing. Lots of little ones to cuddle with!