Not for the Squeamish

Good news regarding my laptop! The second repairer we took it to said that there was nothing actually wrong with it and it was just the power adapter that was faulty. He had a new universal adapter that worked just fine with my lappy,and he just charged us the cost of the adapter - 40Euros.

Definitely a shop we shall use again and such a helpful man (boy actually).

Of couse we feel we should go back to complain to the first shop where they told us it was unrepairable and charged a whopping minimum charge of 25Euros as well. And sold us a usb printer cable that we didn't need once my laptop was repaired. We shouldn't have had to pay any of it but I'm not sure my French is up to that sort of argument...and we are supposed to be on holiday.

Not that you'd know it from the weather. I can't remember ever being here at this time of year and had so much rain - so frequent and heavy that the river has flooded at several places. And big scary thunderstorms because it's warm. And the warmth and dampness have brought far more mosquitoes than usual, making it very difficult to enjoy our outside evening drinks. We're not ones to be beaten by a few insects and the citronella is working very well.

Other things like the warmth too.

We saw this on the little track outside our gates a few days ago. It was basking in the sun and slow from its winter hibernation when a fouine (a stone-martin - they're all around in this area) started attacking it. Unfortunately the fouine ran off leaving us to deal with this wounded viper. The men did it.

And the warm wet weather has brought another pest that we've never seen here before. Ticks. We've had experience of two of these now. One was attached to Harry's tummy and the other we found later on Michael's arm. We took Harry to the pharmacy expcting that they could get it out for us, but we were told that as he was a baby and the tick was so small, a doctor was needed to be sure it was all removed. OK, it was very quick and Harry didn't seem to mind. The doctor put vaseline on it for two or three minutes which stopped the tick breathing and then he just twisted and pulled and out it came. We just had to watch and make sure it didn't become inflamed because that would be a sign of infection and would need antibiotics but he is fine.

We decided we could remove Michael's ourselves....

But it wouldn't be a holiday in the Loire valley without some of this
It's the chateau at Langeais.

And we're ready for an ice cream (or something)

And knitting has been happening. Of course! You didn't think I could be on holiday and not knit.... I've been test knitting a stole for Laura at FiberDreams. Pictures next time. Hopefully tomorrow. When she says so.

And I'm in the midle of another Colinette Boogie-Woogie slipover. Actually I don't think you've seen a picture of the first on I made in colour Castagna, the same as the pattern illustration. Picture when I get home. And this one is colour 68 - Mist. It's Jitterbug, Colinette's sock yarn, lovely to knit with and a fantastic drape.

Another Sunday six o'clock sale at Posh Yarns has gone with another complete failure to purchase anything at all!!! It's months and months now since I've managed to buy anything; I know I only have a slim chance here with dial-up but I'm usually at home where my broadband is pdq. What I really really wanted was some Eva laceweight Apple that I saw (and missed ) about a couple of months ago.

I. Must. Get. Faster. Broadband.

I need something calming now ....


clarabelle said...

Great photos, Kathryn - how I miss France (haven't been for years).

I actually managed to score some PY this evening (some Nadia, which is handspun mohair/silk - weird to knit with, but it looks lovely) - not quite sure how, but I did it! Everything else seemed to be gone by the time I finished buying, ie about 2 mins past 6pm!

Anonymous said...

Buster had a tick removed by this method and john now has special tick-removing tweezers!
glad your weather is interesting and bringing out the wildlife. Enjoy a more peaceful rest of stay with loads of knitting.