Socks and Mitts

Actually some of these were finished before Christmas - in fact quite a few were Christmas presents. I need to add them to my blog because this is now my main record of what I've knitted and listing them helps to unclutter my mind.Well - I think it will.

These are Hypnosis from The Eclectic Sole

Knitted in Chameleon Colorworks Bambino 30/70 Bamboo/superwash merino, colour Dove. These were made from a tracing for an adult size 2 foot!! And they fitted.

The next five pairs of socks were all knitted from Fyberspates Echo - a self-striping sock yarn. And there were some very interesting combinations. This pair is mine.


Picture PackageS1 copyIt's just my usual toe-up plain sock but the yarn is so special it doesn't need anything else.

The next four pairs were all given as Christmas presents.

Picture Package S2And this last pair was a recent present to my godmother. They are knitted in Poshyarn's 100% Alpaca sock yarn,Claudia in colour Adagio.


And mitts....

Marvelous Mitts.

Cream wool from stash and the pink is Jitterbug, Dali shade Whirley Fig from Colinette

Winter Cottage Mitts from Poshyarn. Bought as a kit. I changed the thumb so that it came out of the side of the mitts and made it two-coloured.

I've still got lots of plans for other colours but hats (and children) seem to be getting in the way.


Maureen said...

Beautiful!! I love all of the self striping, and of course the mitts are gorgeous.

Jean said...

Great socks, you are right, that yarn did not need anything more. The mitts are wonderful, I like their delicate beauty.