Gloves and Mitts

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Here are all the gloves/mitts I've knitted in the last few weeks although as time goes by I forget what I've made and some of them are given away before they can be photoed. I think a good New Year resolution for me would be to photo and describe my fos as they are completed. We'll see.

Andrea's Mitts
Drops Alpaca 0618 (Beige), 0506 (Dark Grey). Size M/L. 3mm to start then 2.5mm for the rest. I decreased an extra 8 stitches (to 34sts) at the top for a better fit.


Andrea's Mitts - the first pair I knitted.

I did the lace section on 3.25 needles and changed to 2.5mm for the rest of the mitt, size m

Started 27 October, finished 31 October.



Latvian Fingerless Mitts from"Knitting Classic Style" by Veronik Avery
Drops Alpaca - pink 3770, dark red mix 3969, light green 7300, blue/green 7139, orangey/red 3650 for edge of cuff only.

And the last ones in this set...

Vinterblomster by Heidi Mork

Drops Alpaca 7238 Olive mix,3969 Dark red mix,3650 red mix

2.5mm, 60 sts cast on. I had to do quite a bit of recharting to make this wool fit the pattern and I used a colour scheme I've seen several times on ravelry and I love it.

Oh yes - I nearly forgot this pair based on Strata from "Knitting New Mittens and Gloves" by Robin Melanson and Dancing at Lughnasa Gloves by Anne Carol Gilmour


I used Drops Alpaca and 2.75mm needles

And I made a plain pure Cashmere pair in Teo's handspun for Richard's birthday - not photoed.


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pip said...

Your mittens are beautiful!