An English Lawn

It's Love your Lawn Week according to Joanna Lumley in the telegraph.

Thank you for the link Harbill. Well actually I think it was a week or so ago now.

But I have to show you our apology for a lawn.


Definitely a not-so-grassy bank.

And the rest of the lawn has these sort of patches


We each have our own opinion of the main cause but are both agreed that the lack of rain is not helping. Actually it looked much better while the moss and weeds were living but.....

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Maureen said...

"Love your lawn week" - I never knew such a thing existed, but being spring and time to rev up the lawnmower again I guess it makes sense :)

Our lawn is a lovely, lush green.....and that's only because the moss and chickweed are green. The blades of actual grass are few and far between. Always such a battle, I think this year I will throw in the towel and surrender.