Holidays are here again...

In fact we've been here since July 17th .

The weather has been decidedly mixed but we've still had some lovely days and stunning sunsets and future promise


And some perfect days just made for strolling round a garden and a chateau garden makes a lovely afternoon out. I don't know how I managed to leave my camera behind but luckily I can show you some pictures that my sister took.
I just love these rows of red grasses - stunning!

These topiary and wood carving figures were just a bit of fun but I thought very clever.



But you can't imagine what a surprise we had when with much branch snapping and leaf- fall a peacock flew/stumbled out of an enormous tree just as we were walking under. We thought at the very least a large branch was breaking. But it was just a peacock.... I think they roost in trees but I'm not sure.

And a little further on we saw the mother peahen with her chicks.


We gave them a wide berth and she was very happy to keep still for the photo.

This is for you Harbill, do you like the vegetable garden?



3-4potter said...

Happy memories!

Harbill said...

Wow what a gorgeous veg plot! I know that we should feel happy and inspired but we can't help feeling jealous that theirs is so much better than ours... Our pumpkins are currently the size of a tennis ball.