Final adjustments to Celeste


I had to reduce the armhole quite significantly to make it fit and I also added the crochet edging round the bottom part of the armhole to make it an even more snug fit. And I made another row of medallians to make it slightly longerwhich as you can see hasn't been blocked yet. Kate was very pleased with the final version and wore it on Saturday even though it was cold.

There should be a pink or cream suede strip to go with the beige but MacCulloch & Wallis are out of stock of these so I'm waiting.

I'm still wondering what to start next and am very aware that I need plenty of different projects to take with me when we go to France in 10 days. If I don't take enough things I have to go to my local Phildar shop and while that is good in itself another level of difficulty is added to the project in deciphering French knitting patterns. But, I know I shall go and look. I shan't be able to help it.


Vanessa said...

Celexte is very pretty! Is that hard to make? You did a fabulous job!

kathryn said...

It wasn't hard once I'd worked out how to do the basic stitch but it was hard to block it out and not really a good fit even after blocking but I was pleased with the end result.