Celeste Finished


Here is the finally finished thing and only just finished in time as we're leaving to spend the weekend with my daughter in a few hours. When I tried it in me the fit around the armholes wasn't as good as I would have liked so I might have to add the armhole edging to alter the shape there.

I'll take my hook and spare yarn so that it can be adjusted when she tries it on. I hope she likes it after the time I've spent - I never want to sew any of those dangly things again. It seemed to take forever. In fact I don't want to make another crocheted garment at all.

I like to have some crochet and knitting on the go at the same time so that I can alternate and my fingers don't get so stiff but there are lots of other things I can crochet which are far more enjoyable.

Hopefully after the weekend I'll have a nice photo of Celeste being worn and then can get more of my just finished work on here.

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