Work in Progress

This is the crocheted top from Rowan 39 -Celeste. It needs to be finished before Friday because it is a present. It still needs the crochet edge round the armholes but I've almost decided not to do that because I think I will only make things worse.

I had so much trouble with the tension on this (not least because the quoted tension in the pattern was wrong) and the finished pieces were not the nice shapes you might have hoped for but all sheered off at a crazy angle.

Finally blocking seems to have sorted it out.

It will be laced at the front with suede thonging.


But its not finished. The bottom has a peplum made of hundreds of "medallions" which have to be joined together.


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The problem is I'm not sure which colours to use. I think it will be the bottom set. I shall have to decide tonight while I finish the lilac ones that I need in either case.

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