Nicole(Rowan 39) and First Socks in Opal Lollipop

Despite all the other demands on my time this holiday I have managed to find time for my knitting.

The only completely completed item is my first pair of socks and although they're not perfect I am very proud of them and am sufficiently encouraged to order more and different sock yarn and sock knitting books. These should be waiting for me when we get back from holiday next week and I can't wait!

Here are the socks.

The knitting of Nicole is finished but it is not seamed up. I'm hoping the Klipits from Woolly Workshop will help my rather poor finishing techniques.

I wasn't sure how best to do the straps. Knitted straight from the pattern each strap has one edge straight and one edge fancy and facing inwards. The instructions just said to reverse shapings for the second half of the neck and didn't help with what to do for the straps. In the end I reversed the pattern so that they were mirror images of the the first half. I just worked one extra row and changed all knit sts for purl and purl sts for knit. I think it looks better.

I'm trying to decide whether or not to attach beads to the straight edges of these straps as in the pattern -I'm in two minds about this. It will look pretty but will it be irritating having beads on shoulder straps?

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Kanga said...

Socks look great! Would really like some like that. Top looks very pretty too.