Back to normal after holiday

It is always to hard to settle back into normal life after a break and this time was even harder coming back as we did to the funeral of an old friend. But continue we must and all the platitudes apply.

My stash has increased dramatically with all the compulsive ordering I did while on holiday so waiting for me when we got back were these gorgeous yarns. There is Noro Cash Iroha -3 skeins, Noro Kureyon - 5 of these, Sirdar Town & Country sock yarn ( 2 colours) and 3 colours of Knitting Goddess 4ply silk bourette from Woolly Workshop.
I'm not absolutely sure what I shall do with the silk. One skein will definitely be socks but the other two ..could be socks or maybe a scarf. I shall wait to see how the first pair of socks look.

The Noro Cash Iroha is lovely. The only trouble is it's unobtainable in the UK so I had to order it from here but it is worth it. It's to make the edging for Sursa and at the moment I'm uncertain how to do this. It's been redone twice and still doesn't look like the picture. I shall consult Julia at my lys.

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