start of French Holiday

I was very disappointed to find that my newly repaired laptop was unable to connect to the French dial-up connection. It is the one thing I hadn't checked out at home because we have broadband there so it was a shock to get an error message saying the modem has been removed!!

I assume it's something the technician has forgotten to reconnect. It isn't that the drivers are corrupt, it's that the computer thinks the modem is not physically here at all and I suppose it might not be.

I shall phone the repair shop when it opens. In the mean time I am having to transfer all my settings to my husbands very slow laptop and use that for email and uploads and surfing. Not what I'd planned to do at the beginning of my holiday. Actually I might try and buy an external usb modem, I'm sure they exist in France although not necessarily anywhere near us.

There is so much to do outside - its as if we did nothing in October when we were last here.
My planting of 500 wild bluebell bulbs resulted in this.

I would like this old bread oven restored eventually but in the mean time at least made safe to walk underneath and to use for barbecues.

This entire wall needs a lot of work on it but especially this part.

And the well would be nice with some arched stonework around it

What are we going to do about this pipe? It is a necessary part of our septic tank installation according to the builder but what an eyesore!

No knitting news because in the interest of marital harmony I am having to restrict my knitting time and am in danger of becoming a secret knitter.

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