Knitting Needle Storage

This is how I store my dpns.The small picture shows how it rolls up and fastens.

My straight needles go in material covered cardboard tubes. I use 2 tubes one with a 3" diameter and one with a 2 3/4" diameter and cut the wider one into 2 pieces, one to be an outer and the other to be a lid. Then I stick bits of leftover material on these and thats it.

The tubes are from here.

Now I still need a store for my circular ones.

Whether to make a material case with larger pockets to accommodate the wires or something else. I don't know yet but I do know I need somewhere for them because the box they are in at the moment is a jumbled mess most of the time. I'm favouring the material case idea perhaps with a second row of pockets superimposed on the first but I need some pretty material to inspire me

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