Colinette Parisienne - Rive Gauche

I am very excited about the new kid mohair yarn from Colinette. It is so silky soft and floaty.

I have started this tie-wrap cardi which seems to be the style I like most at the moment although I am going to modify the pattern slightly because I like shorter sleeves and then it will be useful for cooler summer evenings.

The neck on mine will be slightly higher at the back so that the shoulder seams will be on my shoulders (I hope) and I am not sure whether to leave the front as in the pattern with the tie at the front or whether to make it like the greeny ggh kid mohair I finished last week. I've not finished the sleeves yet so there's time before I need to make a decision.

This is the finished back.

So...what shall I do with the front? What do you think?

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