Crystal Palace 2.25mm Circular Needles

I am so excited about these

I have been looking for 2.25mm and 2.75mm circular needles for ages it seems and have finally found these Crystal Palace bamboo ones here. There is a complete range of sizes and lengths.

But the really interesting thing about them is that they have a swivel joint between the needle end and the nylon cord to stop it twisting up. They feel very smooth and I think they are more pointy than Addis although more expensive.

I am going to use them to make the pair of this one

It looks very long and narrow, doesn't it? It fits fine so I guess my foot must be long and narrow too. But I am going to make the second one slightly wider - I think instead of 60 stitches and Addi 2mms I shall work with 68 stitches and use the new 2.25s.

It's done in Knitting Goddess 100% Cashmere - Shade Meadow and is so soft.

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