Hedera Progress

I can't do a picture of these socks at the moment.

They are only growing slowly because I'm doing other things (Colinette Parisienne!!) at the same time but I am pleased with how they look and I love the colour.

I have also sorted out how to do the lace pattern the other way up with the help of the clever knitters on Angelyarns forum. Its what I thought, but I was making a little mistake every time I tried so it didn't look right. What you do is work row 1 as row 3 and row 3 as row 1 and reverse the pattern within the row. I shall do this for my next pair of Hederas maybe in Poshyarn's Cashmere which should come tomorrow.

I'm very excited about the new Colinette mohair yarn - Parisienne and have already started a little wrap cardi but more of that another day.

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