Hedera from Knitty

I have just started my first lace pattern socks - Hedera from Knitty using Rowan 4ply Soft 100% merino wool shade 371 (the same yarn as the pattern) - Zing it's called and it really is zingy. I love this greeny shade. I started doing it in an Opal solid blue colour but I am much happier with the stitch definition from the merino wool of the Rowan so the Opal will be used for something else. I've still got a few more rows of cuff to do before I start the lace pattern.

I am knitting it as the pattern - cuff down - but my preference really is to knit socks toe-up. I'm able to adapt the pattern to my favourite short row no-wrap toes and heels but I don't know how to reverse the lace pattern to still have the v's of the lace pointing towards the toes.

Now its a simple lace pattern but I would ideally like to be knitting the sock toe-up.

The pattern given is

Row 1: [ K1tbl, p2, yo,ssk, k1, k2tog, yo, p2] - repeat all round

Row 3: [ k1tbl, p2, k1, yo, sl1, k2tog, psso, yo, k1, p2] - repeat all round

with the even rounds keeping the pattern of knits and purls.

Knitted from the top it gives a lovely pattern of "v's" pointing down to the foot but I can't work out how to knit from the bottom up and still have the "v's" pointing down
Although I spent a lot of yesterday trying to work out how to change the direction of the lace so far I have had to admit defeat so these will be cuff down.

Hopefully I shall find some way of reversing the lace then the next pair can be knitted from the bottom.

Does anyone know how to do it?

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