Orchids and Melons

The first picture is the winter view from our gate. The second picture is how it looks today. The shiny watery looking stuff is polythene covering the newly planted melon plants. The green plants you can see are sunflowers which I think will be in flower at the beginning of July. So the fields outside will be full of melons and sunflowers this summer.

The first picture is a lizard orchid and we've got hundreds in the wood. It doesn't look very impressive at the moment but it's spectacular when it's fully open and I'm hoping there will be one to show you next week if this lovely weather continues.

The second one is the aptly named bee orchid. The lizard orchid is about 15" tall and the bee orchid is much smaller - the photos are misleading but I will take some more next weekend before we come home.

We're making progress with the rest of the gardening ie the weeding. Not that we ever attempt to weed more than we need to let the areas we've planted survive. The rest is wild. Here is a before and after of the wall bank next to the cave.

And one last picture of the Canterbury bells. Since I took that photo more have come out and at the last count there were 31! We had spent a long time clearing the surrounding area at Easter. And of course the poppies.

The first poppies are from a packet of mixed wild flower seeds and the end one which has got lots of buds is from a packet of poppy seeds my sister gave me.

The bulk of the weeding is finished so my reward is to plant more things - I've got rosemary, two sorts of sage, buddleias, hollyhocks and more lavender waiting. And so is my knitting....

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