Holiday Continues

There are so many signs of a good summer here - we heard the hoopoe for the first time yesterday and the lime trees have started to blossom with the attendant hum of bees growing louder almost by the minute.

A not such a good ending to an excellent meal and a lovely evening at the Plaisir Gourmand in Chinon when my husband remembered too late that his 2 week old new car was slightly wider than the previous one and needed extra care when turning into our gate.

So I've been busy giving moral support and encouragement for his projects - two favourite ones - felling dead trees and restoring old walls.

See. this is the pillar he repaired last year and it's still looking really good. So flushed with success this more major disaster is planned to be next.

I've been busy collecting some of the big stones we will need for this and it's sure to be twice daily trips to BigMat for lime - not to confuse it with cabbage which I have done and received strange looks. French for lime is chaux and cabbage choux - a natural mistake.

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