Creative MP3 Player

I've just bought my first MP3 player and I can't understand why it has taken me so long to get one. It is a Creative 1Gb MuVo in shiny black and I love it.

The sound quality is fantastic. I can understand how to work it and it is just big enough for me to be able to read the display. I've so far only got Bob Dylan on it but I am planning to put the audio book "Sex on Legs" I bought from Audible on it. This is a "book" by Brian Luff only available in download form - I read an excerpt from it in the Guardian several weeks ago and thought it would make amusing reading. And with my little player the idea is that I can listen while I knit.

I am making a little felted bag to carry it in although it is small enough to fit easily into a pocket. I have already felted the bag and it just needs to finish drying and have straps and a fastener attached and then it will be ready to be photographed.

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