Lace and Bobble Knitalong

I have joined the Angelyarns forum knitalong to make this Debbie Bliss Lace and Bobble Jacket. It is a free pattern from her book "Wish You Were Here". Progress was slow at the beginning because the pattern was actually wrong although because I was working both the fronts at the same time it wasn't too hard to see how it should be.

I have changed the pattern slightly because I like short sleeves for a summer jacket. Here is my progress so far.

It is in Debbie Bliss cotton dk in Lime 20 and I am not using the circular needles recommended in the pattern because I prefer my straight bamboos for this.

I am working the bobbles with 2 turns instead of the 4 given by doing the purl row of the bobble rows from the front, working left to right in the back of the stitches on the RH needle without turning the needles.

The right front is pinned to shape although my tension is very variable and I think it is going to be slightly smaller than it should be. I have found it more difficult to make any adaptations I would normally make whenI have tension problems because of its construction - starting at the bottom of the fronts and working up, incorporating the sleeves, then casting on for the back neck and working down the back which is where I am in the photo.

I shall have to do some serious blocking. And I may need to make the large edge borders slightly larger.

I get stressed when I'm not sure how it will turn out so I need to get it done quickly and am having to put my other wips on hold for now.

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Lyonheart said...

Your DB jacket is going to be gorgeous - I adore the colour you've chosen.