Colinette AbFab Throw

The Colinette AbFab throw is my main project for the holiday although the holiday is half gone and I'm only just starting it.

These are the original yarns I decided to work with :

They are lovely soft colours with two brighter yarns in it. I decided the colours weren't quite right so am using almost the same colour scheme as Twinklecats from Angelyarns forum.

This is how its looking now:

This is about a quarter of the width (the rest is folded at the side) and I've done the first third of the length. The pattern and colours are starting again now from the bottom.

What I'm worried about is how contrasty the bright / navy blue band is.

I shan't undo it because there is so much mohair it sticks like glue. But when I come to that section next time shall I tone it down by interspersing one of the other colours among that band or shall I do another colour altogether?

I can't make my mind up. I hope by the time I'm ready to work that part I shall know.

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Lyonheart said...

Ooh that is really yummy and I actually like how contrasty the blue yarn is. (not much help I'm afraid)