Garden Pictures

Here are some pictures of the things in our garden although nothing as exciting as the wild boar.

These black caterpillars were all over the nettles busily feeding until they reached the size in the first picture , then suddenly within the space of a few hours all the big ones had disappeared. We found one or two 20 -30 yards away presumably getting ready to pupate. I know the pupa stage takes about 12 days so we will still be here to see the emerging butterflies - peacocks.

There are still a few smaller caterpillars feeding so I shall try to be around when they set off to pupate because the pupae are impossible to find unless you have seen where the caterpillars go.

This next picture is a fritilliary. There are lots of them at the moment - they love the buddleias.

These last two are called hummingbird hawk moths .


Lyonheart said...

I am in awe of your photography skills! I can't get clear photos of my knitting and it stays still (generally). Beautiful!

kathryn said...

Thanks lyonheart, although I can't really take credit for the photos - that goes to my super camera.

It's a Nikon D70 which is a digital SLR and I love it.

Piglottie said...

I love the hummingbird moths - they are beautiful. Pictures are brilliant!

kathryn said...

I love the hummingbird moths too piglottie.

We've got brown/black ones as well as the yellowy/green in the photo but they wouldn't stay still enough for long enough to be photographed.