More Garden Pictures

Do you remember those black spikey caterpillars on the nettles?

This is what they have turned into! Although, of the hundreds of caterpillars that we had we've only seen three of these lovely peacock butterflies.

Do you like the golden orb web spider waiting for his supper?

These are the lovely lantern plants Barbara gave me - last year I think it was. They are establishing themselves really well on this very stone bank.


Alice said...

Beautiful butterfly and spider. How wonderful, to see what the caterpillars became.

Your throws are fantastic. I could get seriously cosy under one of those (but on the other hand I might just want to drape them and let them look lovely somewhere!).

I really like "Strong Women Stay Young", too. Have you seen Jon Benson's "Fit Over Forty"? It applies to any age group, despite the title. You don't have to be a fitness freak to enjoy it. It's very inspirational.

Alice said...

By the way, Kathryn, you asked a question about my KSH scarf, which I saw some time after you asked. I couldn't find an e-mail address for you, so I answered you on my blog, in the comments for the scarf. It's just occurred to me that you may not have seen it.

kathryn said...

Thanks for the pattern info Alice. I've got quite a bit of ksh in my stash at home so this is definitely on my to-do list when our holiday ends.

You were right, I've not looked back at your blog because we're on a v. slow connection on hol.

I looked for Jon Benson's book on Amazon but disappointingly couldn't find it - I found the same title by Sherry McMillan and another by James M Ripper but not your book.

Alice said...

It's actually an e-book. But it's a really good one! I've had it over a year and still use it. And once every couple of weeks he sends out a topical e-mail to members (not rubbish! Very informative). He doesn't try to sell you anything, either (except the book). It might totally not be your thing but the address is