Nightmare Audi Avant A6

How long does it take a French Garage to repair a new Audi that shouldn't have broken down in the first place???

What sort of brand new car have we got that breaks down three months later and has to have the part it needs specially made for it because that spare part doesn't exist?????

We should be having a nice relaxing time after all our family visitors have gone but instead we are having an absolute nightmare trying to get our three month old Audi repaired.

First of all a three month old Audi A6 shouldn't need repairing.

Second it ought to be easy to repair it in less than three weeks.

Third if it needs a part it ought to be fairly readily available and not have to be made specially!!!! Can you believe that???

We need to be back in the UK this weekend and the hire car we've had for the last 2 weeks can't be taken out of France.

We've been told by Audi in France that they are hoping to get the part by Friday but can't guarantee it and anyway no-one in France works on Friday afternoons anymore so it doesn't look good for us.

We're waiting to hear from Audi UK to see if they can get to the bottom of what's happening, but I'm not hopeful.

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