Telepathy Experiment

Did any of you listen to this programme "The Material World"on Radio 4 on Thursday 7th September? If you missed it you can listen to the programme by following the link above and clicking the "listen again" link

They asked the question "Do you think that mind extends beyond the physical body and may manifest in phenomena such as telepathy?"

My answer is a resounding YES.

I'm sure that lots of you will have said "Oh I was just thinking of you" when that person phones you. I have certainly had two of what you could call visionary experiences - one that I can only describe as a vision and one when I dreamed of something strange that happened to my daughter the next day.

I would like to do my own "telepathy" experiment. Of course it wouldn't be scientifically rigorous but I think it would be interesting.

The best I can come up with is to pick a random card and see how many of you can guess the one I've picked.

So how it would work is this:
I will pick one card at random from a pack of playing cards and between 8pm and 8:05pm (BST which is GMT +1) on Friday week - Friday 15th September - I will have this card in front of me and think of it for those five minutes.
YOU - and as many as possible - must email me with what card you think I am thinking of.....

What do you think? Will you do it?

If you want to join in this "experiment" email me at "tigerlily45 AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk" with the card that comes to your mind - eg 5H, 9S, JC etc - in the subject line.

If you can think of any other way to do this please leave a comment. Or if you think its a load of rubbish.....

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