A Walk along the Vienne

We found a lovely river walk yesterday. We'd never walked this way before which is slightly strange as its only four miles from our house. I think in the past we might have considered this sort of walk not challenging enough but at the moment with my bad knee it's ideal.

We started here.

It was a very hot day - almost steamy - and with all the strange bird calls there was a really tropical feel to it . We straight away saw herons and lots of water birds.

Then we headed off along this path between dense woodland and undergrowth and occasional glimpses of the river - for those of you pc adventure game players think Riven, the second in the Myst series, or the classic Amerzone.

Then away from this weird forest-area the path took us between vines

and into a more open stretch of river with the occasional solitary fisherman and moored boats.

We ended our walk at the pretty village of Riviere.

I had hoped to see kingfishers as some of our visitors had spotted several while canoing along this stretch of river but sadly we didn't; probably we were making too much noise.

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