Seraphim - and it's heavenly

At last one I'm pleased with. It is so light and yet amazingly warm and I love the fact that it's big: 104" across the top and 50"from the point to the centre top.
I used 4 balls of kid silk haze in shade trance and 5mm Brittany single point needles.

And this is the result of my trip to Ally Pally

Quite restrained wasn't I? There is Seasilk in shade vintage, pure silk for a shawl from Yarn Forward, the magazine from Hipknits and Cherry Tree Hill Suri Lace in shade Indian Summer. Oh, and I had my book (Lavish Lace) signed by co-author Cheryl Potter.

The seasilk is already on the needles to make the small triangular Forest Canopy Shawl and the Suri Alpaca.. I'll show you another photo..
Isn't it absolutely divine?

That will be a shawl too. I love the colour and can't wait to get started on it but it's finer than any of the lace I've knitted so far so I'll wait until I've got more time to devote to it.

Actually I'm having a lot of trouble knitting and blogging at the moment because I keep having dizzy spells and close work seems to make it worse. It started with a nasty "turn" when I was driving the car last Wednesday but it only lasted seconds luckily because I really felt I was going to pass out. I've not done any driving since then because I'm still not back to normal although I went to get it checked out this morning and the doctor said there was nothing the matter with me (or at least nothing he could find), and that the first dizzy spell was not surprising after I described the events leading up to it and that the lingering strange feelings I was having were caused by anxiety. So there we are. I can carry on hoovering and packing ready to go to France on Wednesday....


Mick said...

I love the KSH shawl, it's great. And nice purchases from Ally Pally. Wish I could have gone, but a bit too far for a day trip :(

Lyonheart said...

You should be pleased, that shawl is wonderful. Great booty from Ally Pally too.

Vanessa said...

Your shawl turned out gorgeous,Kathryn.