Shoalwater,Two Clapotises and a Colour Crisis

I'm having a crisis with the colours I'm choosing at the moment.

I've always had the problem of selecting colours because I like them, regardless of whether they go with the rest of my wardrobe - and more often than not they don't. But the problem now is that I don't like these last three shawls at all.

This is the first clapotis I made (unblocked and I think it will remain so). It is Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb colourway "watercolour". Now the strange thing about this is that I made a curly-whirly scarf for my daughter last Christmas in this yarn and it looked a million dollars. So why don't I like it now it's a clapotis?

This is the gorgeous Cashmere/Silk DK from Posh Yarns in shade Highland Mist and it's not even still on the needles. I loved the colour on screen but ...I shall think of something else to do with it.

And the lovely Shoalwater Shawl.....

I thought I'd chosen so carefully to match the pattern picture. But my yarn is too dark. There is too much very dark blue and none at all of the really lighter shade. I'd rather start again with something I really like....

It's a problem choosing from the web sites but all being well, I'm going to Ally Pally on Friday so I shall have plenty of opportunities for choosing in the flesh so to speak.


Anonymous said...

How disappointing. The trouble is, the choice is just too huge. But I really am sure you'll find sonething "in the flesh" at Ally Pally.

I can hardly believe the Clapotis is Watercolour. My Ella No.2 is in the same colourway and it's absolutely nothing like yours. Maybe that's partly why our yarn choices don't always work out: there's too much variation in all the special yarn we like.

Lyonheart said...

It's such a shame you feel this way. On my screen all of the colourways you are unhappy with look beautiful, it's such a personal thing isn't it? If you really don't like the finished clapotis, could you use it as a Christmas gift?

Cherry Rolfe said...

Gald you liked the bag!
I love all the colours you have chosen, especially for the Shoalwater Shawl. I can understand your dounts though. I am always gripped by low level fear every time I 'decide'!